Why you should learn Programming..?

Ravindu Shehan Mirihana
I love programming. I believe that programming is an essential skill that everyone should have practiced. Programming helps you to think creatively and critically. If you are an engineering student this is something you must practice. Programming helps you to improve your problem solving skills. I love to help people to levitate their lives, by teaching them programming. Using my knowledge and experience as  a programming instructor, in a leading IT institute in Sri Lanka ( Infortec International || Student Testimonial ). I believe in a future , where Sri-Lankans  are at the top of the world in Engineering and computer science.
                               -Ravindu Shehan Mirihana-

 Watch this video and see what the  superiors in industry says about  programming. I guess this will inspire you.:)

About Our Courses.
  • This is for the people who do or do not have any knowledge about programming, the course will start from the very basics.
  • Lessons will be conducted in friendly manner with daily challenges. 
  • All the core concepts in programming will be specially covered. 
  • At the end of the course, you'll be amazed by seeing the really good programmer you have become. :)

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